Introducing Van Dessel’s New E-Bikes!

Introducing Van Dessel’s New E-Bikes!

Introducing Van Dessel’s New E-Bikes!

We have recently teamed up with Panasonic to bring you our brand new E-Bikes.

Why Electric?

Cycling is at a crucial turning point. The gap between “want” and “can” has been closed by the electric-assist bicycle. The reality of pursuing an active outdoor lifestyle is no longer limited to those with the physical abilities of elite athletes. The ebike has brought the joy of mountain biking and the pursuit of cycling within the reach of an entirely new audience, providing them the ability to go out and achieve their goals in a lower impact and enjoyable fashion.

Whether being able to complete a physically demanding route, keeping up with friends, riding to your heart’s content without feeling like you’re performing a stress test, or just getting serious and competitive, the ebike makes all this possible and easily within your reach. With an entire population desiring improved health and an improved quality of life, the electric bicycle is at the forefront of a booming cultural shift. Hence, a significant perception shift is taking place and the bicycle is at the center of helping more people get out and have fun, and to live a more active and healthy lifestyles.

If you’ve never ridden an ebike, the feeling can best be described as that of re-discovering the joy and freedom of riding a bicycle for the first time. Who doesn’t love pure joy and freedom?

Why Panasonic?

With over 80 years of battery experience and energy leadership, these batteries stand the test of reliability and time, Panasonic possesses unrivaled experience and knowledge to develop and bring to market the supreme ebike system.

With the introduction of the Panasonic GXO pedal assist system we have the best combination of power, size, weight, and reliability, giving us the best technical solution for our ebike componentry. Numbers aside, what really matters to us as a design company, is the feel and ride quality of our bikes. Nothing matches the natural feel of the Panasonic GXO System, making it the clear partner for designing our ebike introduction.

E-Bikes in Action

The community is already raving about our new Captain Shred and Passepartout Gravel E-bikes. See what the hype’s all about in our new teaser video and read what CX Magazine and Electric Bike Report have to say about our revolutionary E-Bikes.