Purchasing a Van Dessel

How can I buy my new Van Dessel?

Start by building your new bike on our site. Once you have completed your build you will be prompted to select your delivery method.

Where can I buy my new Van Dessel?

Navigate to our Dealer Locator and see if there is a dealer near you that may have your Van Dessel in stock.

How can I buy my new Van Dessel if there is no dealer close to me?

We have partnered with some of the nation’s best mobile operations to bridge this gap. Navigate to our Dealer Locator and see if a mobile operation services your area.

What if I strike out and there are no bike shops or mobile operations servicing my area?

We are happy to reach out to a dealer of your choice in close proximity to you for you to take delivery of your new Van Dessel. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I live outside the U.S.A. and want a Van Dessel. How can I buy one?

We ship international complete bike and frameset order free freight. Excluding duty fee's and vat fee's. Please contact us directly so we can fulfill your order. If there is a Van Dessel dealer or distributor in your country we will forward your purchase details to them for record and warranty activation.

Warranty Information

What is the warranty on a Van Dessel?

All Van Dessel’s are engineered and built to be ridden at the highest levels of competition or play. We seal all of our bikes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defect in materials or craftsmanship. See warranty details on our Register Your Bike page.

Do I need to register my Van Dessel for the warranty to activate my warranty?

Yes, you will need to register your bike to activate your warranty. Please see our registration page.

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number is located underneath the bottom bracket of the bicycle.

Do you offer a crash replacement program?

Yes! Please visit our warranty page for information on our crash replacement program.


Two-part question. 1.Do you sponsor individual athletes or only teams? 2. How do I get sponsored?

Van Dessel has a rich history of working with individual athletes and teams! Forward your resume, proposal and schedule to info@vandesselcycles.com with the subject line: Sponsorship Inquiry

Small Parts and General Questions

Where can I buy a derailleur hangar for my Full Tilt Boogie?

Contact your local Van Dessel dealer to see if they may have one in stock. If not, navigate to our small parts page to place your order.

Can I buy tubular wheels through Van Dessel?

Yes! We offer our own Van Dessel Alloy tubular CX wheel set as well as popular models from Mavic, Vision Tech and Atom Composites.
For more information:

What size seat post does the Jersey Devil and Gnarzan use?

Jersey Devil and Primo Ballerino use a 31.6mm seat post and Gnarzan uses 30.9mm.